Euro 7s - Men
Euro 7s - Women
FIRA-AER Division 2D
FIRA-AER Division 3C
FIRA-AER ENC 2010-12
FIRA-AER Play-off 3B-3C
FIRA-AER Under 17
FIRA-AER Under 18
FIRA-AER Under 20
FIRA-AER VII Circuit Mens
FIRA-AER Women XV - Group B
IRB World 7s Qualifiers
Rugby Europe CEN 2C
RWC 2003 - Round 1
RWC 2007 - Round 2
RWC 2011 Qualifier - FIRA-AER ENC 2008-10
RWC 99 - Round 1
RWC Qualifiers
Test Match
Under 19 World Cup

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3 DRAWS - for FLR against Georgia 1993, Andorra 1997and Monaco
First German who played for FLR Ralf Theune
196.5cm average height of tallest brothers to play for FLR Thompsons Andy (1.95m) and Martin (1.98m) played v Germany 1998
12 - Most tries scored in one match v Norway 2000
119 Highest aggregate score v Sweden ('00)